New Beyoncé Masterpiece The first trailer for Black Is King – soon to Disney +

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New Beyoncé Masterpiece? The first trailer for “Black Is King” – soon to Disney +

Already in 2016 stunned Beyoncé with a so-called “visual album” – are their music and ecstatic self-cinephile who are not fans. Now for Disney + brings out a more cinematic musical experience with “Black Is King”.

It has long been to maintain in cinephiles circles no outsider opinion more that Beyoncé would probably be a fairly prominent theater director – for a sensational feeling for visually striking images it has traditionally been a …

.. and not just with music videos, where she worked with the likes of Jonas Åkerlund, Melina Matsoukas and Mark Romanek with some of the best of this subject and often even (officially or unofficially) (co-) director was.

Especially with their visual album “Lemonade” which she made in 2016 for HBO, as well as the staging of a concert double presence “Homecoming: A film by Beyoncé,” which appeared in Netflix in 2019, it caused quite a stir.

Both were sometimes even celebrated by film critics and audiences as “masterpieces” (on the assessment platform letterboxd are both projects of the date of this article, at an outstanding average rating of 4.3) and won several awards.

Both were sometimes even celebrated by film critics and audiences as “masterpieces”

Now comes with “Black Is King” a new, so-called “visual album”, this time on Disney +

Movie with connection to “The Lion King”

Both movie projection and the “King” in the title is no coincidence, as the latest cinematic musical journey is closely associated with one of the largest Disney hits: the “Lion King” remake, involved in the Beyoncé as a speaker and musician was. Watch on PRIMEWIRE “The Lion King” full movie for free online.

“Black Is King” Sun is also based on their album “The Lion King: The Gift” and collectively tell all the different music videos as well as a story about similar experiences and lessons learned as they had to do on the way to King Simba.

“Black Is King” is * on display from 31 July 2020 Disney +. Then we find out whether the film has a similar high quality as the acclaimed predecessor.