Not like Tenet or Mulan My friend Conni jumps for the cinema into the breach [Interview]

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Not like “Tenet” or “Mulan”, “My friend Conni” jumps for the cinema into the breach [Interview]

The pre-adventure “My friend Conni” is to achieve the first theatrical release after the lockdown, which has the potential large viewership. We talk to hire Chef Christoph Liedke whether this is just brave or wise.

The cinemas make slow because no films are there – and many lenders keep their publikumsträchtigeren movies back because not enough cinemas are open. A vicious circle that wanted to cinema lovers Christopher Nolan with “Tenet” break through initially – but eventually the “Dark Knight” mastermind had to bend themselves to the still wild rampant in the US pandemic. The same applies to the potential mega hit Disney “Mulan”.

In Germany the situation is, however, better – than jump here quite lenders into the breach. Mainly those whose parent company is not sitting in the US and therefore have more opportunities to weigh yourself opportunities and risks against each other.

Leading the charge is Wild Bunch, with – out now bringing directly to the reopening of a movie “My friend Conni secret to Kater Mau”, the play probably six figures in normal times, visitor numbers had retracted. to talk with head of distribution Christoph Liedke via Google Hangout on the current situation for us a reason …

Leading the charge is Wild Bunch, with – out now bringing directly to the reopening of a movie “My friend Conni secret to Kater Mau”, the play probably six figures in normal times, visitor numbers had retracted.

FILM STARTS: Were you even again in the cinema?

Christoph Liedke: Yes, but not in a regular show. We had two days ago a technical acceptance for our film “Into The Beat” at a cinema in Berlin – and immediately noticed that I have again how much I was missing the big screen.

Christoph Liedke:

FILM STARTS: Is it ever be 100 percent sure that comes “My friend Conni” as planned in the cinema? Or you still have daily meetings to see if not still a shift is necessary?

Christoph Liedke: If it is not forbidden, the start is bombproof. We can not go back – unless the theater doors are locked. We really set everything in motion, we have spent a lot of money to visualize the film. The date is!

Christoph Liedke:

FILM STARTS: In addition to “My friend Conni” and “Into The Beat” Wild Bunch launches three more films to August. So you jump from German distributor with most in the breach. Expects it to you right now a good chance for the films from? Or it is also about the responsibility that now help with the kickstarting of cinema?

Christoph Liedke: With a sense of duty alone, we can not stay afloat us. We seek and therefore also see the chance of economic success, if not now so many others step into the breach. I think that especially in the area of ​​German Family entertainment opportunity in July is relatively large, at least to achieve a moderate commercial success. It will certainly start slowly – but we believe that we also have more space and will run in the second and third week even with the same number of screenings.

Christoph Liedke:

But in addition, I think it is important to put signals: Yes, it come in July and August new movies – and those that can appeal to a wide audience. We should not unnecessarily prolong itself through our programming, the specified mandatory break us as an industry.

FILM STARTS: The two “Conni & Co” -Realfilme with Emma Schweiger has brought Warner Bros. in theaters. What is “My friend Conni” now landed with you? Are these different licenses?

Christoph Liedke: In fact, a distinction is made between home Carlsen “My friend Conni” serving the younger more, and – subject that has been treated in the earlier films, “Conni & Co.”. We believe that we address with the animated preschool Conni exactly the clientele that is responsible in a very large extent for Conni success in recent decades.

Christoph Liedke:

Why Conni is only now?

FILM STARTS: How do you explain actually that it lasted now for almost 30 years until preschool Conni their trip takes to the movies? I mean, the character really knows but now every …

Christoph Liedke: Apparently no film producer has seriously addressed this issue. This is also a development yes: There are for well over 20 years, the books that have now reached a circulation of more than 40 million. Moreover for several years the TV series – and those responsible behind the series have to want to make determined to a movie. We are happy to jump on this proposal – but that is now again a few years ago, because of course it will also take up such a project actually is ready. Let’s put it this way: It’s about time, but it is definitely not too late!

Christoph Liedke:

FILM STARTS: How much must it as a team that has worked for years on the television series, think different, if it is now to suddenly go to a movie?

Christoph Liedke: The Conni that you see on the screen is very similar from the TV series at first glance. But the theater Conni has in fact developed on a completely different technical basis – because what you see on the TV screen would, so do not work on the big screen. At the same time the classic 2D look is deliberately retained. It must be the large format just, but also the viewing habits of children – and because it is already sitting in the character development for some time off.

Christoph Liedke:

At the same time a story you have to tell that is a bit bigger than what we know from the television episodes. There Conni experienced usually something in their parents’ home or at school, but this time it comes from the community setting out on a journey KITA – there are bigger images, but also more adventurous.

FILM STARTS: I may just very happy that you have not exaggerated with the “greater than” it. A KITA trip is for a child of that age have such a huge, exciting thing – because one does not necessarily capture still Gangster or so. How much this issue was discussed in the production process?

Christoph Liedke: These conversations gave it permanent. But the filmmakers deal already very long with the subject – plus we have a lot of talking to the person in charge of the Carlsen publishing house. They had also always very good advice, which would make Conni and what not. This goes up to the tofu sausages, which can be seen in the film – or balloons that are NOT in the film, because they would not take place in the world because Conni plastic waste and helium. These are just two examples of how carefully dealt with the figure Conni.

Christoph Liedke:

FILM STARTS: Especially with movies for a very young audience one must usually very quickly decide whether they want to go a sequel or not – otherwise the fans of the film are too old, when the second part hits theaters. So how is the current situation with “My friend Conni 2”?

Christoph Liedke: We are currently in the development of ideas for the second part – and we would, of course, not entirely independent of the success of the first part, aim for another film. The topic search, of course, not easier – we finally can not just along the lines of “Bigger, faster and louder” act, because we want to continue to stay true to the figure Conni.

Christoph Liedke:

FILM STARTS: Would Conni because in a possible sequel remains a KITA child or growing it with their viewers with – it goes then possibly to preschool or even the first year of primary school?

Christoph Liedke: You will only times remain KITA child. But if you now regarded as a prelude to a series of many films, then of course you have to at some point start thinking around aging do that.

Christoph Liedke:

FILM STARTS: Corona is big crap – but in some places the virus acts currently as accelerant for positive change, as far as what the labor regulations in butcher shops. Can you imagine for the future of the cinema experience such positive developments that could be right now put in crisis going?

Christoph Liedke: I think that in recent months quite a bit if time had better be used to get things develop in cooperation between distributors and exhibitors. But we were just as shocked and in all industries, what happened there. but I hope that a total rethinking of all people employed – and especially for the cinema industry is my most important realization that it is important for us all immensely to intensify the direct contact with the public more in the future. We need the content, the films and the performance that we provide and to which we are proud to convey even better.

Christoph Liedke: