Mission Impossible 7 Apparently there was already trouble on the set

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“Mission: Impossible 7”: Apparently there was already trouble on the set

Now that the filming of “Mission: Impossible 7” had started again, it should have been interrupted immediately: A fire broke out during a motorcycle stunt (which was not planned). Fortunately, nobody was injured.

The shooting of “Mission: Impossible 7” with Tom Cruise had already been postponed in February 2020: It was just about to start shooting in Venice, when the Corona virus messed up this beautiful mission. Later, the theatrical release, scheduled for summer 2021, was postponed to November 18 and filming resumed – but now it has apparently come to a standstill in Oxfordshire, UK.

This is what the tabloid The Sun writes. The reason is a motorcycle stunt that went wrong.

The reason is a motorcycle stunt that went wrong.

Motorcycle caused flames (but shouldn’t)

According to the Sun, said action scene was one of the most expensive to be carried out in Great Britain and took six weeks of preparation.

The plan: a stuntman should jump off a large ramp on a motorcycle, stuntman and motorcycle should land safely and unharmed.

What should have happened instead: The stuntman actually landed well, but the motorcycle did not. During the landing there was so much friction and heat that the landing padding went up in flames 123 movies.

The Sun article does not make it clear whether the motorcycle then exploded or not, but it is said that there was a large fire that had to be put out by the fire department. In order to find out what exactly went wrong with the stunt, filming on the set was temporarily interrupted. Tom Cruise is frustrated by the renewed delay.

It is not known whether “Mission: Impossible 7” will have to be postponed again.

It is not known whether “Mission: Impossible 7” will have to be postponed again.

However, the shooting of expensive action films is repeatedly delayed due to accidents, without the theatrical release being postponed (instead the shooting schedule is adjusted).

Trouble is simply part of “Mission: Impossible”

Director and screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie is used to the fact that the shooting of his “Mission: Impossible” films become their own seemingly impossible missions. He came on board for “Mission: Impossible 4 – Phantom Protocol” to rewrite the script – on the set while filming was long underway.

In “Mission: Impossible 6 – Fallout” Tom Cruise broke his ankle in front of the camera when he did not reach the opposite wall after jumping over an abyss in the way he wanted. And anyway, the “Mission: Impossible” shoots are a logistical nightmare, as McQuarrie already publicly revealed:

The script is usually finished far too late and before the increasingly extreme stunt sequences, nobody really knows how it should actually work.

But because Christopher McQuarrie is obviously an optimist anyway, this time he wants to shoot two “Mission: Impossible” films one after the other: “Mission: Impossible 8” is due to open on November 3, 2022.