New on Netflix this week A new German thriller series an action comedy with a star cast and much more

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New on Netflix this week: A new German thriller series, an action comedy with a star cast and much more

We’ll tell you which films and series you can look forward to on Netflix next week. This week there are u. a. Ready to stream: the gene thriller series “Biohackers” and the Netflix-exclusive action comedy “The Sleepover”.

As always, we watched the Netflix program for the coming week and filtered out which titles seem most worthwhile.

In the German thriller series “Biohackers”, a young medical student (Luna Wedler) has to deal with questionable gene experiments; in the Netflix original film “The Sleepover” kids discover that their mother Margot (Malin Åkerman) is a master thief and in the Desktop thriller “Searching” tries to find out where his missing daughter is with the help of a laptop and a cell phone.

Here are all of the Netflix highlights of the week, August 17-23, 2020:

Here are all of the Netflix highlights of the week, August 17-23, 2020:

Monday: A teacher suddenly enjoys his job

The Indonesian Netflix comedy “Crazy Teachers” is about a teacher who doesn’t really feel like doing his job. When the money for the salaries of his school is stolen, he sets out to get the money back – and that’s where he discovers the fun of teaching!

“Crazy Teachers”

Tuesday: A father is looking for his missing daughter – on the laptop

“Searching”, which was shown in cinemas in 2018, belongs to the sub-genre “Films in which the viewer sees a computer screen all the time”. In the suspenseful thriller “Searching” it is a father named David Kim (John Cho) who spends a considerable amount of his time in front of a screen.


He is sitting at the computer of his 16-year-old daughter Margot (Michelle La), who suddenly disappeared without a trace. David hopes to find clues on the girl’s laptop that will help track down Margot.

Wednesday: A documentary series about video game classics

Games like “Sonic” or “Pac-Man” conquered amusement arcades and children’s rooms all over the world. The documentary mini-series “High Score” shows how these games were created. The creators of the classics have their say in person.

High score

Thursday: “Biohackers” series – “Anatomy” for a new generation?

In the German slasher film “Anatomie” from the year 2000, which appeared in the fairway of “Scream” at the time, a young medical student comes across colleagues who are not so strict about the Hippocratic oath. In the new German Netflix series “Biohackers”, it is Mia Akerlund (Luna Wedler from “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”) who starts her medical studies.


In Freiburg she wants to make it into the circle of the respected professor Tanja Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz), who is a gene expert and a fan of synthetic biology.

Tanja Lorenz wants to play a decisive role in shaping the future of mankind, or to put it another way: she and her team mess around with genes in a way that is forbidden. You and the new student Mia share an old, dark secret …

In addition, the first season of the Netflix anime series “Great Pretender” will be released on Thursday. In it, Makoto Edamura, the supposedly biggest swindler in Japan, experiences a nasty surprise: He tries to cheat Laurent Thierry – but he’s a world-class cheater himself.

Great pretender

In the first season of the South Korean horror series “Goedam”, famous ghost stories are shown which are linked by the fact that they take place at night in a metropolis.


Friday: Action Comedy “The Sleepover”

As usual, Netflix is ​​releasing an elaborate, self-produced film this Friday: In the action comedy “The Sleepover”, kids have to deal with the fact that their parents have just been kidnapped by ninjas.

“The Sleepover”

Because mom (Malin Åkerman from “Watchmen”) is actually a master thief whose old gang she needs for one last coup – in which her ex-partner and ex-boyfriend (Joe Manganiello from “Magic Mike”) is involved. It is now up to the siblings Clancy (Sadie Stanley) and Kevin (Maxwell Simkins) to save their parents.

In the animated comedy series “Hoops”, whose style is reminiscent of “American Dad” and “Family Guy”, a vulgar basketball trailer tries to get his high school team into the big sports leagues – even though his boys are quite a whistle.


In the political thriller “Official Secrets”, Keira Knightley is in top form from Friday, although the film unfortunately deteriorates after the first hour, as you can read in our review:

“Official Secrets”

The review of “Official Secrets”

Saturday: “That stupid heart” with Elyas M’Barek

Elyas M’Barek, superstar of German cinema, is both a blessing and a curse for “This stupid heart” MOVIE 4k. On the one hand he shows a strong performance as selfish, super rich Lenny who has to take care of the terminally ill David (Philip Noah Schwarz).

“That stupid heart”

On the other hand, the story of Lenny comes too much to the fore. Be that as it may: For us, “This stupid heart” is still a 3-star recommendation, because the film always touches you when it comes to the wishes of the heart-sick teenager David.

The review of “This stupid heart”

Sunday: Noomi Rapace in seven roles

On Sunday, Netflix is ​​adding the sci-fi thriller “What Happened To Monday?” To its program. It is set in a future where the problem of overpopulation has been resolved with a radical one-child policy. When a woman gives birth to seven of all things, they are hidden and later each of them (all of which are played by Noomi Rapace) is allowed outside one day a week. This plan works until one of the women suddenly doesn’t return.

“What Happened To Monday?”

The conclusion of our review says: “The film convinces with a really original premise – and Noomi Rapace shines in no less than seven (!) Roles.”

The review of “What Happened To Monday?”