Next to John Wick 4 and Matrix 4 Next Keanu Reeves actioner gets sequel

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Next to “John Wick 4” and “Matrix 4”: Next Keanu Reeves actioner gets sequel

A movie doesn’t always have to be a hit to have a sequel. This now shows “47 Ronin”: The fantasy martial arts actioner is considered a notorious megaflop and is now being continued seven years later – on Netflix!

For a few years now, Keanu Reeves has been experiencing its second spring, which fans affectionately call “Keanussance” – because after a few years of stagnation, the popular action star has been back in business since “John Wick” (2014) at the latest! And so not only “John Wick 4 and 5” are coming soon, but with “Matrix 4” and “Bill and Ted 3” also sequels of Reeves ’great cult film series.

“47 Ronin” wasn’t exactly that. The $ 175 million fantasy actioner grossed just under $ 151 million worldwide, making it one of the biggest Hollywood flops of the past decade. Seven years later, however, enough grass seems to have grown over the matter that one actually believes in a sequel – even if there is still a big question mark about Reeves’ involvement:

“47 Ronin 2” is in the works – on Netflix!

“47 Ronin 2” is in the works – on Netflix!

After Part 1 tells of the eponymous samurai who are planning a campaign of revenge against the insidious Lord Kira (Tadanobu Asano) and receive support from the abandoned warrior Kai (Keanu Reeves), the sequel doesn’t just seem to be the platform – off the screen to Netflix – to change, but also the setting.

We know that about “47 Ronin 2”

The director: As Deadline reports exclusively, actor and director Ron Yuan will direct the film. Yuan is known for his appearances in martial arts films such as “Shaolin Kickers” and “Born 2 Die” and will soon be seen in Disney’s remake “Mulan” (from September 4th on Disney *).

The director:

He was most recently in the director’s chair for the sixth part of the dance film series “Step Up”, which is based in Beijing. He was also the action director of the Statham hit “Wild Card” and the Blaxploitation homage “Black Dynamite” – and thus has the necessary action experience for the samurai film.

Yuan said he was happy that the Universal production studio was working with Netflix for the film to offer viewers around the world a “genre mix of martial arts, action, horror and cyberpunk”.

The story: There isn’t much information about the content of the sequel yet, but as Collider reports, “47 Ronin 2” will play a full 300 years after the first part – which should also explain the genre mix mentioned above. At the same time, that could also mean that Keanu Reeves is unlikely to return. But that is by no means excluded. If you want Reeves with you, a way will surely be found.

The story:

And one may wonder why a flop like “47 Ronin” should be continued when Netflix could simply produce any other samurai film. Why continue with “47 Ronin” if not with Keanu?

Incidentally, “47 Ronin” is currently included in the STARZPLAY Channel on Amazon Prime Video *, which you can test (once) free of charge RainierLand.

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