The Prince of Bel-Air reboot in progress – but not as you think

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“The Prince of Bel-Air” reboot in progress – but not as you think!

A reboot of “The Prince of Bel-Air” is being worked on. But the new series is supposed to be a drama – modeled on a popular YouTube video in which the popular Will Smith sitcom is portrayed seriously and darkly.

According to consistent reports from industry magazines The Wrap and Deadline, Will Smith is said to be involved as executive producer in a project that is currently being presented to streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon and which is said to be of great interest there: a reboot of the popular 90s sitcom “The Prince from Bel-Air ”.

“The Prince of Bel-Air” as a drama

In the original sitcom, a young man (Will Smith) who grew up on the streets of Philadelphia moves in with his wealthy relatives – and this contrast creates many funny situations. The new series is intended to emphasize the dramatic elements of the story, modeled on a popular YouTube video from 2019.

This YouTube video by Morgan Cooper can be understood as a parody of the dark reboots that were fashionable in Hollywood – but Will Smith was enthusiastic about it and now apparently wants to actually adopt the idea!

Here is the said video “BEL-AIR”:

Those involved in the reboot

Morgan Cooper, who has worked as a director, writer and cameraman of short films apart from his YouTube videos, is to direct the “Fresh Prince” reboot and write the scripts together with Chris Collins, who is to become the showrunner and the experience from the dramatic field brings (“The Man in the High Castle”, “The Wire”).

In addition to Will Smith, other actors from the original series are also due to return as executive producers, including Quincy Jones, Benny Medina, and Andy and Susan Borowitz.

The sitcom “The Prince of Bel-Air” was based on the experiences of Will Smith and is an important part of his career. The new drama series, the episodes of which are supposed to be an hour long, is also about a young man who moves from a dangerous pavement to the rich, sheltered area of ​​Bel-Air FMovie

… only that the conflicts and prejudices should be presented in a more complex way than in the sitcom (the new “Bel Air” series should therefore be more like “The Wire” and less like the original sitcom, although it is still funny at times should be received).